ABATI is a super specialized white collar crime lawyer, counseling individuals and companies throughout the entire criminal process.

abogado penalista económico

It will be Rafael ABATI himself the lawyer who will take care of your case.

ABATI, as super specialist lawyer in white collar criminal defense, is well-versed in cases concerning white-collar criminal charges in Spain, defending individuals and companies in cases of white-collar crime.

It will be Rafael ABATI himself the lawyer who will take care of your case. This is one of the most competitive advantage in retaining ABATI as your lawyer for white collar crime issues. You will benefit directly from Rafael ABATI´s knowledge, experience, legal advice, soundness in front of the Court and personal implication towards success.

Beside being a bar member lawyer focused on white collar crime, ABATI is a chartered accountant, with specific skills allowing him to dig into the economical, financial and accounting angles of the cases.
In the field of business and white-collar criminal ABATI is expert on the following issues:

  • Criminal tax offences
  • Money laundering
  • Embezzlement & fraud
  • Insolvency offences
  • Accounting fraud
  • Missapropiation
  • Bribery
  • Corruption
  • Financial misstatements
  • Insider trading
  • Copyright infringements
  • Environmental offences

especialización en derecho penal económico

ABATI is known for its active trial caseload, and regularly take complex criminal cases to Court, finding creative solutions to difficult problems and having guided many clients to favorable resolutions before a criminal indictment.

ABATI can assist at all stages of the criminal defense process, from arrest, detention, compelled interviews and interviews under caution, settlements negotiations and, as a whole, full support to clients all along criminal trials.

Extradition processes

ABATI provides solid assistance and legal representation throughout the whole extradition process in Spain.

Extradition processes are ruled by the principle of reciprocity, thus, by legislation of both countries and, when in force, by international treaties.

The European Arrest Warrant was created within the European Union for mutual recognition of Court decisions, facilitating extradition processes.

In Spain, the European Arrest Warrant is submitted to Law 23/2014, of 20 November, on mutual recognition of criminal Court decisions within the EU.

The European Investigation Order was established for mutual cooperation in criminal investigations, among the EU members.

Regarding extradition processes, regulation in Spain is  Law 4/1985, of 21 March, on passive extradition, which establish the specific procedure when any country requests the extradition of a citizen being in the Spanish territory.

ABATI assists the defendant in the whole extradition process, including defense in order to avoid preventive detention and temporary imprisonment, personal assistance, appeals and liaison with requesting county lawyers and authorities.